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Paul's Landing Menu

“In 1854, U.S. Navy surveyors were tasked with finding the best site for a seaside railroad depot, accessible to sailing vessels. After searching far and wide, they selected a beautiful spot along the southeastern shore of the Pinellas Peninsula. Here, the survey expedition’s carpenter, William Paul, quickly constructed a small settlement with barracks, a short pier and a smokehouse. This small settlement became known as Paul’s Landing, which would be the foundation of the future St. Petersburg Downtown Waterfront.”

“After being discharged from the Navy, Paul returned to the village bearing his name with his family. There they enjoyed the beauty of the waterfront for fishing, planted an orchard to grow fragrant Florida oranges, and continued smoking and curing meats.”

Now, 150 years later, the Vinoy resort is paying tribute to local St. Pete history. The new “Paul’s Landing” restaurant overlooks the very waterfront where William Paul arrived; serving the flavors of old Florida but with a fresh, modern twist.

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